Cleaned up some things

I spent some time actually figuring out how new WordPress does things and prettified the site a little.  If you scroll down, you should actually be able to see the buttons now.  That sidebar in the upper right is now functional as well.  Feel free to get the word out and share all of your favorite posts on those hot social media platforms I hear the kids are into.  Is Google + still a thing?  Well, there’s a button for it anyway.

There’s also a very scary donation button.  It’s really really weird for me to have that there, but I’ve already started getting very kind messages from people asking if I can cover certain games, only to reveal to them that I don’t have access to every current gen system, nor the money for hot new releases.  Let me be straight here, I am not asking for nor requiring your donations so that I can afford games to finish this project.  I could do this for the next three years and not run out of games.  That button is only there if you want to support someone whose dream is to write for a living, nothing more.

Two days in and I’m already shocked by the number of views and feedback I’m getting.  Can’t wait to see how far we can go from here.


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