Day 11: Savant – Ascent


If writing about video games every day has given me anything thus far, it has been a respect for my free time, seeing as games by their vary nature seem to fly in the face of that.

Because we still tend to equate hour counts with value, modern games have gotten huge, even if a majority of that time is spent clearing out a map of increasingly similar objectives. So it’s refreshing when I, as a busy adult with many important things to do, can stumble upon the fabled “two hour” game that we often yearn for without feeling cheated.

Savant-Ascent is a $2 gameplay loop. It’s a melding of genres, the split second timing of a retro plaformer delivered with the frantic pacing of a 2D shooter. In three levels, you die, restart, unlock abilities (via earwormy EDM discs), get stronger, and progress, over and over without feeling like a moment has been wasted. In such a compressed form, the goalposts are shorter, making the rewards come quicker, calling for more moments of satisfaction, even in the face of constant death. It gets in, rocks your face off, and leaves.

Some days, that sort of brevity is just what you need.

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