Day 57: Murder Dog IV – Trial of the Murder Dog


Comedy is hard.

As someone that’s occasionally been told himself that he’s a bit of a witty fellow, it’s difficult enough to get a rise out of certain people in simple conversation, let alone expecting them to enjoy your media of choice in a similar fashion. Luckily, I find the idea of a sociopathic clay sculpture dog with an extensive vocabulary attempting to defend himself in court to be hilarious.

Murder Dog IV is a very short game. I kinda has to be, lest it become one of those SNL sketches that awkwardly lingers for another extra minute or so, making sure to get in one final retelling of a joke that’s already been imprinted into your brain at that point. While you’re tasked with trying to defend the eponymous canine in court, it’s really more just a matter of not having him fly into a murderous rage and kill everyone, which is where most of the opinions take you. After a successful defense (and blatant mockery of the justice system), I immediately restarted the game so that I could eat all of the jurors and rearrange the internal organs of the bailiffs in alphabetical order. This, naturally, lead to the Dutch Government dropping a nuke on the building and killing everyone.

So yeah, it’s pretty good.

Murder Dog IV is available for free here.

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