Day 102

I’m pretty sure I have a sinus infection.  My ear hurts and I’m starting to sound like Batman.  That’s a sinus thing, right?

In between fits of coughing and moaning for the mercy of the nearest deity, it had been my intention to write about Burnout Paradise today, but it looks like that’ll have to wait till tomorrow.  (Spoiler: I like it.  I like it a lot.)

I’ve actually been playing a lot of things in the past week or so that I haven’t written about yet, mostly twin stick shooters.  I don’t know if Riddled Corpses left that much of a bad taste in my mouth or if there have just been a lot of them recently, but I’ve been spending a lot of time with Drive to Hell and Nuclear Throne.  Oh! Enter the Gungeon looks really good too!  And I still have to get to The Binding of Issac Rebirth… and just remembered I have Renegade Ops.  Okay, I’ll stop now.

In the interest of maintaining some variety, I likely won’t be writing about all of them any time soon.  Honestly, the appeal of those games to me is the part where I don’t have to think too much.  Considering my current daily intake of Dayquil, that’s probably for the best.  I have started to think that maybe I should designate one day for random musings like this, just to comment on the things I play that maybe don’t warrant a full write-up or my thoughts on something else going on in the gaming world.

I dunno.  We’re still playing by ear.  Well, maybe not my ear.  Again, sinuses.  Ow.

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