Day 116: Windows Solitaire


I’m in a weird mood today.

I suppose playing impossibly hard games for a week straight will do that to a man, but I rarely have days like this, days where I simply don’t want to play anything. Thankfully, those are rare, otherwise I’ve made some poor career aspirations. I mean, there was that week or so in middle school when I thought I could be a professional recorder player, but other that than, I’ve been pretty consistent on the whole “video game” thing. So what does a man tasked with playing games play when there’s nothing he wants to play?

Well, Minesweeper’s a little too intense so I guess this will have to do.

Despite being a Windows 7 user for several years, I’d never looked into that mysterious “games” folder up until now. Turns out that’s where my GOG copy of Planescape: Torment got installed, so discovering that was a plus. Of course, since that’s a 60 hour long game that I’ve never played before, I won’t really be able to spend any time with it until next year at the earliest. I’m now anxiously looking forward to that. It says a lot about me that my most anticipated game session for 2017 is a PC game from 1999. It probably means I’m a hipster? I don’t know, I can’t keep up with you kids and your crazy labels these days.

So yeah, Solitaire. I will say that I’m disappointed that it’s not the Windows 3.1 classic that I remember, the one that offered playing cards with robots on them. I also can’t remember the last time I actually sat down and took in a game of Solitaire. Considering my general anti-social nature and enthusiasm for aimless entertainment, you’d think it would have been more recent.

Jokes aside, clicking on those virtual cards for a few minutes was probably the exact thing I needed today. It’s been a hectic time lately trying to stay on top of work at my “real” job and keeping ahead of this and other projects, so stopping to focus on a simple task can be oddly therapeutic. I suppose it’s similar to how coloring books have made a comeback for folks my age or how last week I got the sudden urge to buy some kinetic sand to mess around with. I think we focus so much on games being legitimate or engaging in a very specific way that we may be losing sight of how valuable an experience can be that doesn’t overstimulate, that the “escape” we look for in games can still come in a more relaxing or comforting package on occasion.

I don’t know. I probably need some sleep.


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