Day 123: A case of the Mondays

Yes, I’m doing Sunday’s post on Monday. I’m a rebel like that.

It’s not often that I’ve been able to complain about being busy, but these past couple weeks have been kicking my ass, a perfect storm of my real job being shortstaffed, my podcast getting delayed and my energy levels reaching that of a proper 70 year old (I’m 31, for the record).

Recording my first Let’s Play was also a bit of an ordeal, but that’s entirely my own fault, only deciding to do it at the very last minute. I’ve continued to spend time with the TEW 2016 demo and have grown to really appreciate the subtle changes that have been made, even if I’m still left wanting for something a bit more revolutionary. The way the game measures popularity, for example, continues to be a little too rigid, which is why mod-making has always been so tricky. As said in the video, it’s a testament to the way the game is structured that it’s still possible to have fun with imperfect data, as evidenced by my current WWE save.

For reasons that aren’t entirely clear to me, tales of my random exploits through a test game have been pretty popular, I’ve learned. I suppose it’s a perfect storm of me not particularly caring about booking “correctly” mixed with my eternal need to entertain that makes for an engaging read. I don’t know. I kinda gave up trying to figure out what people liked a long time ago. I’d much rather just keep making what I want and hope something hits.

I do plan to make more videos in the future. That’s always been a long term goal anyway. Now that I understand how simple it is to make a recording, I’m less intimidated by the idea. If I do continue to go in that direction, I’ll keep my expectations realistic. I never intend to have a webcam pointed at my face nor do I scream a lot, so I’ll probably draw a modest audience. That’s cool. Some days it may simply be easier to record myself playing a game than it will be to write about it. We’re not even halfway through the year, so I’m sure my mind will change on this subject roughly six million times, but as I type this, on May the 2nd, I’m firmly in the “meh” camp. ¬†Anything can happen.

Who’s really to say where this journey in internet vagrancy will eventually take me.


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