Day 131: Downwell


Finally, a chance to talk about my favorite TRUSTcompany song.

Oh… wait.

I’d been wanting to try Downfall for a while, mostly because I seem to have an unlimited capacity for procedurally generated roguelikes, but also due to the realization that mobile games have been pretty under-represented thus far. Blame the Google Play storefront if anything. The most visible offerings comprise my least favorite genres; cash-in advergames or free-to-play timesinks for whales with too much disposible income. For me to want to play a game on my phone, it has to essentially be the antithesis of what mobile games have come to be known as.

A mere few minutes after trying Downwell, I then learned about Google Play’s simple and convenient refund option.

Make no mistake, it’s awesome, chaotic fun, exactly the sort of eminently re-playable challenge that I expected it to be, but there’s a reason why the mobile scene isn’t dominated by games that require precise reaction time and control. Virtual buttons suck. They always will. There’s simply no replacement for the tactile sensation you get with a controller, the reason that we’ll likely always have them no matter how advanced the medium gets.

Though I love the idea¬†of having Downwell on the go, the PC version is really the only way to play, let alone have a sense of what it is you’re actually supposed to be doing. It wasn’t until about roughly an hour in that I had one of those moments, prompting one of the most underrated feelings a person can get from a game, that sense that you’ve been playing it wrong the entire time. Once things started to click, I turned into a running, jumping, shooting combo machine, ready to conquer anything the game wanted to throw at me.

Then the water levels came.

That’s when I realized that Downwell would not be beaten on this day.


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