Day 133: Snubbed by Phil Collins

So I spent probably more time than is warranted trying to get Rocksmith footage to record last night, then spent a few more hours trying to get it to record with sound. After yelling at my PC for a while, I finally got everything working and recorded about an hour of gameplay (i.e. horrible bass playing).

As soon as I uploaded the video to Youtube, the entire thing got muted, not for the Guns n’ Roses or the Red Hot Chilli Peppers songs I played, nope.

Phil Collins, apparently, was the deal-breaker.

I thought we were cool, Phil.

After pursuing other options, it became clear to me that I’d only be able to put the video elsewhere in compromised form (shockingly, I did not have a spare 50 bucks to throw away for a premium Vimeo account), so here we are, the first 30 minutes of a longer play session that is now lost to time.


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