Day 140: Quikdate


I think I’ve been doing this long enough now that you’ll never mistake me for being the smooth-talking social type. It’ll probably be equally surprising to learn that I’ve been single for… let’s just say a while. As you’d imagine, this has done a bit of a number on my already microscopic self-esteem. Of course, as an adult that dresses himself at least once a day, I can choose to sob gently into a pillow for hours or attempt to do something about my predicament, like exercise, find a constructive hobby, or join a dating site.

That… last thing? Don’t do that last thing, especially if you’re depressed or have confidence issues. It would be like dying of thirst and choosing to jump into shark-infested waters… and all of the sharks are out of your league, by the way. That year or so that I spent on OKCupid was probably the most demoralizing and soul-crushing experience of my life.

The best and worst thing that I can say about Quikdate is that it’s an accurate depiction of that time period.

It’s not something you’re going to spend a lot of time with, unless you’re the masochistic type. You very quickly realize that every available match is way too attractive and makes way more money than you. Also, they’re horrible garbage people, never hesitating to insult your income level/race/body type/hobbies/religion/etc. It’s an unwinnable scenario, a Kobayashi Maru.

(Yeah, the whole referencing Star Trek thing probably isn’t helping with the dates, I know.)

I can only imagine that the idea for Quikdate came from a personal experience. Online dating is, theoretically better, allowing us access to more potential mates, but, like the game depicts, it can also be a total nightmare. It’s one thing to strike up a conversation with someone in person, but somehow being rejected by a stranger (typically one that never bothers to know us) hurts even more. If you’re a woman, you’re subjected to the worst the male gender has to offer, endless catcalls, and abuse from douchebags. And if you’re a guy… well, Quikdate paints a pretty accurate picture. The only thing that’s really missing is the futile attempts at messaging that go completely ignored because you know you’re likely the 879th one she’s received that day.

I can’t help but wonder what the purpose is. Dark comedy? A simple troll job? Perhaps it’s a light-hearted way to get across just how easily that method of communication allows people to be shitty and judgmental. I dunno. I do know that I’m now depressed as hell.

Tomorrow, I’ll have to play Puppy Hugging Simulator or something.


Quikdate can be downloaded here. An enhanced version is also on its way to Steam.


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