Day 142: Last Meal


The concept of Last Meal is simple – you’ve been captured by a family of sack-wearing cultists who have tied you to a chair, demanding that you eat a bowl of poison-laced potato salad. After your demise, they plan to do the same.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – “man, another game about a potato salad cult? Are we just completely out of ideas? Why keep going back to such well-worn territory?” To be fair, we’ve never seen potato salad rendered in this style before, hearkening back to the flat textureless look of the PSX era. There’s also a fair amount of shooteresque potato flinging to be done, your primary weapon in solving the game’s rather arbitrary singular puzzle.

Like most of the games I’ve played this past week, it’s a gamejam submission that runs in Unity, so it’s a rather short and basic experience, but points for style. There’s a genuine tension when those blank sackheads are staring at you from across the table as you try to survey the room. In true adventure game fashion, you eventually come up with the most convoluted solution possible, but you’ll be asked to master the art of clever subterfuge along the way, lest you be spotted pouring your bowl into the nearby plant.

It’s a neat thing; ripe for Youtube facecam wackiness, I’m sure, but even outside of that context, it makes a good case for why there’s value in “micro-gaming”, those 15 minute experiences that you’ll never care to replay a single time. That format allows for a lot of creative freedom and puts us in scenarios we’d never see otherwise.

Now enough with the potato salad games. Let’s try something new, like a futuristic shooter or something.

Last Meal can be downloaded for free here.


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