Day 149: Hotel Paradise

HotelParadise v1.1 WIN 2015-6-29-22-49-51-431

Seems only fitting that I end this two week long excursion into the world of wacky free games with something that actively punishes you for expecting anything resembling a game.

Hotel Paradise places you in the halls of the eponymous establishment with a key and a room number. You simply have to locate where said room is, which would be fine if you weren’t trapped in some sort of illogical purgatory that randomized all of the hallways.

I suppose I’m ruining the fun by saying that the primary appeal of Hotel Paradise is the expectation that there’s something else to it; that eventually you’ll turn a corner to see something weird or horrific, perhaps even a clue to some sort of deeper narrative. That moment never comes. You could spend up to 30 minutes simply spinning around in circles looking for your room, passing through the same hallways over and over… and over.

Would it be fair to classify it as an anti-game? I don’t know. There is still a clear objective and an obstacle that prevents you from achieving it. It’s certainly not an easy recommend, unless you’re the curious type like myself that simply eats up anything challenging and unique. The problem is that most probably wouldn’t care to engage with it. Given that I’m spending this much time thinking about it, it probably achieves exactly the thing it set out to do. It’s a conversation piece, either about what it’s supposed to be and what it could have been… or it’s a dumb experiment created for the “lolz”.

I’d say either approach is valid.


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