Day 154: Games for When You’re Too Lazy to Open a Game

I played some free browser stuff. It was good. You should look at the stuff and evaluate if your feelings would be similar, as a fellow human would do. Because I’m totally human also, by the way.

This took a turn.


Typing Karaoke

Combining two out of the five things in this world I’m good at, Typing Karaoke asks you to keep pace with what I presume are the hottest hits that all of the cool kids are into.  Okay, fine, I’m not going to pretend that I’m unfamiliar with “Call Me Maybe”.  I will not, however, confirm if this game is the most stressed I’ve ever been while listening to it.


One Chance

A cult classic that’s seemingly been around for ages, it’s still one of the better exercises in how we perceive and take advantage of consequence (or lack thereof) in games.  As the name suggests, you only get one playthrough and must live with the results of your actions.  It goes into some really dark territory, so consider yourself warned.



I don’t know you, but I’m going to immediately assume that you’re better at GeoGuessr than I am.  It drops you into a random Google Streetview and asks you to guess where you are.  Thanks to this game, I discovered that I can’t tell the difference between North Dakota and Romania.  Bjork is from one of those, right?

maxresdefault (1)

Ir/Rational Redux

From the mind of Tom Jubert, who has worked on games like The Talos Principle and FTL, comes a puzzle adventure about logic.  It hurts my brain and I hate it.  And by hate it I mean love it.  And by love it I mean I’m going to pretend I left a DVD at its house so I have an excuse to call a year later.


Crystal Warrior Ke$ha

I couldn’t decide what Porpentine game to put here, so I’m just going to say play goddamn everything.  I also couldn’t decide how to describe Crystal Warrior Ke$ha in a way that was going to somehow sway you from whatever opinion you immediately formed upon reading the words “Crystal Warrior Ke$ha”.

Probably more suggestions from me in the same vein tomorrow, since I’m not quite ready to write about Rocket League.

By that I mean that I need to embarrass myself at least a dozen more times at Rocket League.


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