Day 164: The Electronic Triple

So E3 is just about the corn-wait, what?  It’s today?  No, I wasn’t paying attention.  I was too busy messing around with Overwatch.  Did you see all of those words I typed?  That’s a lot of words, friend.  If you were to count how many words, it would be far above the average quantity that one would expect.  Just sayin’.  Pretty impressive.

But now that I’ve emerged from my cave, the sudden feeling of E3 being here has flushed over me with a wave of… ehh.  That’s not to say that there’s nothing I want to see, far from it.  The Last Guardian is probably going to get an actual release date.  Nier 2 will continue to tease me.  We’ll probably see what batshit thing Hideo Kojima is up to.  Cuphead is still evolving into something I want more and more.  I suppose the announcement that neither Sony or Microsoft will be talking about their new console iterations is a blessing in disguise, seeing as they’ll be forced to talk about games instead of developer sizzle reels talking about the “new possiblities” of the slightly stronger hardware.  “Imagine the fidelity of the HD remasters that we can put out on the Playstation NEO!”

Sadly, I’m only half joking.  As usual, I’m expecting a LOT of sequels and rereleases.  Though E3 as a show has become less and less important in the grand scheme of the industry, you can still use it as a barometer of where things are headed.  Frankly, it’s all kind of boring now.  The press conferences are as wacky as ever, but the general feeling I’m typically left with is “man, that was a lot of guns and cars”.

Considering current events, the former is probably not the thing most people want to be reminded of right now.

I’ll still watch, of course.  I have a lot of vacation time ahead of me and want to make this the laziest Sunday possible.  Maybe they’ll surprise me with something.  I don’t know.  I’m always welcome to the idea of having my face rocked, though a wall of soldiers running through a battlefield while Imagine Dragons plays in the background probably isn’t going to be the thing that does it.

Play P.O.D. over some football and we’ll talk.


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