Day 165: Overwatch Epilogue

I feel like I cheated a bit, only contributing six days of my own work for last week’s non-stop Overwatch coverage.  Also, doing all of that writing sort of prevented me from playing as much as I would have liked, so at the very least I wanted to have video evidence that I’ve actually become competent at the game, remembering that the only other footage on my Youtube channel was that of me getting destroyed.  For those of you tired of all of the Overwatch, I promise this is it for a while.

If you think this was bad, just wait until that new Quake comes out.  Man.  I need that.



2 thoughts on “Day 165: Overwatch Epilogue

  1. Yay, voting “over” for Overwatch 🙂 And yes, getting a varied roster of characters in a proper shooter is something I could look forward to.


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