Day 169: Frog Fractions


Anyone that’s been following me for any length of time knows that I am very passionate about three things.

1) Getting into a game long after the rest of the world has forgotten about it.

2) Surreal artwork that stretches the boundaries of a medium so far that I begin to lose all purpose and sense of self.

3) Edutainment.

So what a lucky morning I’ve had, let me tell you.

Frog Fractions really couldn’t have come at a better time. In 2012, we were at the tail end of the last generation and… games were kind of in a boring place, so to see a mysterious browser game capture so attention was exciting. Playing it myself, I welcomed that feeling of having my expectations played with so much, even if it lead to nothing but more questions.

That’s the inherent advantage of offering something free and small-scale; there’s no obligation for the user to justify anything more than the time spent, which is brief. Honestly, once you’ve ridden a dragon whilst listening to the fake history of boxing and become a naturalized citizen of a bug planet, what more is there to do? The answer to that is a scary and exciting thing.  Especially given the time we find ourselves in, when the word “teraflops” is about to be repeated to the point of losing all meaning, it’s good to have something like Frog Fractions out there to keep us honest.  Wait, that’s probably not a good word.  To keep us… confused?  To keep us, well… searching for the right words, I guess.

I’ll go on that journey with you, Frog Fractions, you beautiful twisted thing you.

Reports that this post may or may not be Frog Fractions 2 are unsubstantiated.


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