Day 174: Until Dawn (Mega Drive Demake)


Been rather busy so I knew I was in for a short one today. While I have a list of games that I can turn to for such an occasion, it was recently brought to my attention that an intrepid indie dev by the name of Dekadansu is actually taking it upon himself to convert Until Dawn into a playable Sega Genesis/Mega Drive ROM.

Now as you may have noticed, I’ve been a bit lacking in the PS4 coverage for this project. Unforunately my worldwide personal branding campaign has not yet started to reflect on my bank account, making one of them there fancy “current generation platforms” a bit out of my price range. When that magic moment does arrive, Until Dawn was always on my radar as something worth grabbing, even if I’ve already had the entire story spoiled for me. Considering its troubled development and ability to do many of the things that three generations of David Cage titles have still be unable to deliver on, I feel that it would still be a worthwhile investment. I’ve always been a generation behind anyway, content with my lot as a bargain hunter that’s been able to coast pretty damn far on very little.

I was referring to money, not talent. Don’t think I didn’t hear you snicker just then.

For those in a similar situation, the demake (currently only in demo form, covering the intro) is a pretty interesting alternative. Obviously, corners are will need to be cut. The developer himself has already acknowledged that fitting a 10,000 word script into a 4MB ROM isn’t really feasible, not to mention that while Until Dawn converts well into a traditional text adventure format, there are obviously a lot more corners to be cut in terms of mechanics. That’s kind of the fun part of all this, though. Working under restriction often results in a lot of really inspired decision making. I can only hope it gets seen through till the end, since I very much wonder (and would like to play) a full version.

Hopefully there’s room for creepy low-res Peter Stormare.


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