Day 177: Purple Freizen Howard


Well, I’ve had a day.

Considering the self-imposed schedule I’m running with this year, I obviously have more time to game some days more than others. Saturdays have sort of become a safe haven for me to finally catch up on anything that I’d merely dabbled in the previous week, though this time I was thrown a bit of a curve ball and asked to work on my day off. By the time I’d gotten home, I realized that the game I’d scheduled for today just… wasn’t very good, and not the good kind of not very good, where I can simply rant and rave at its expense. Instead, I got the “oh man, what a bummer” variety.

So I’m now sitting here on a late Saturday afternoon wondering what to do, wanting nothing more than to relax.

While I’d intended to look at one of Megaeggz’s games for a while now, I pretty much wrote off ever covering Purple Freizen Howard, since it’s one of those nebulous “not-a-game” games. I mean, you literally don’t do anything. You can’t move, you can’t interact. You can only stand in the middle of an abstract landmass and look around at the psychedelic shapes that surround you. It’s described as an “ambient” experience, possessing no goals, no narrative, just some neat-looking stuff to gaze at for a few minutes.

It’s pretty much exactly what I needed today.


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