Day 181: Don’t Mind Me, Just Brows(er)ing

In the aftermath of another Steam Summer Sale, not only is my wallet now yelling at me, but I’m yelling at myself for buying a bunch of 30 hour games that I know I won’t have time to finish. This is when I then decided to look around and make sure no one could see me talking to myself.

I think we’re clear.

So it looks like I’ll be pulling double duty for a bit, trying to get though a few epic slogs whilst also honoring my commitment here. In the interest of time and my sanity, I took a quick delve back into the world of browser games.

Head Home


Created for a Game Jam in which the theme was “you already won”, you are tasked with carrying the head of the final boss through a parade created in your honor.  The only problem is that your adoring fans (and various other random distractions) may just cause to trip and drop the head, bringing shame to the town and making quite a mess.

Anthropomorphic Suspect


A horrible thieving cad is on the loose and it’s up to you to identify them.  All the old woman can remember is that they were an animal of some sort.  Also, they shopped at Banana Republic, apparently.

Shadow of the Red Hand


A platformer in which everything is a hand puppet.  I don’t know why you’re still reading beyond that sentence.  It’s incredibly creative and works better in motion that it really has any right to.

Double Kick Heroes


It takes something special for me to get interested in anything involving zombies these days.  In this case, “something special” directly translates to “drum-activated guns with which you must stop the oncoming menace” which is oddly specific but still somehow true.

Super Black Friday Sweep


Far be it from me to use this blog centered around the consumption of luxury entertainment to make some sort of statement about consumerism, but man is Black Friday a really dumb thing.  Chances are strong you already knew that, but in case you needed any clarification, here’s a game where you can push strangers out of the way for a chance at a 20% off television set.

Because America.


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