Day 192: A Look into the Past

Video production is rolling right now, with 3 new Dark Souls III videos already in the can.  As I prep for another upload tomorrow, I don’t really have much of significance to write about, at least as far as any salient points about the industry.  Been kind of a slow news week outside of that CS:GO betting scandal.  Given how distanced I am from that whole scene, I don’t really have much of an opinion to offer beyond the obvious.

So today I cracked open the August 1996 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly and decided to offer you a glimpse into the past, offering quotes and a few observations.

  • For context, the cover story was Street Fighter Alpha 2 aka the best Street Fighter Alpha game.
  • The first 8 pages are all ads.
  • From the very first story about virtual reality on consoles.  Again, this was 20 years ago. – “While no company has yet embarked on that mission, there’s a growing list of companies in prime positions to move ahead on that front…. Virtual i-o and Virtuality.”
  • “It’ll be come time before there’s any software-maybe a very long time-that’ll take advantage of 3-D or head tracking.”
  • “Unlike the Super NES, the Nintendo 64 gets rid of the RF connector output.”
  • Per the format of EGM, four separate people had to review Bugs Bunny In Double Trouble.
  • “Word on the street is that some Sony execs have been approached by Sega to spearhead the launch of a new Sega 64-bit gaming system… may even be the first game machine to take advantage of the DVD standards that will hopefully materialize soon.”
  • In reference to the hot new movie Independence Day. –“Can’t wait to play the game!”
  • There’s an ad for  You should try going there now.
  • An entire page was devoted to a Battle Arena Toshinden 2 moveslist.
  • “The number of colors in Street Fighter 3 will be increased from 16 to 64, which is the limit.”
  • “Once you have Mortal Kombat Trilogy, you’ll never need to look at any of the previous versions again.”
  • “Gretzky 64 will introduce an exciting option: two modes of play.”
  • “It’s not hard to recognize Doom’s success… is it, however, getting old?”
  • “Ms. Pac-Man… still in the top 20 in Genesis game sales.”
  • “Just what is a Bandicoot anyway?”
  • “The graphics and blood are what makes Loaded so appealing.”
  • In reference to Iron and Blood: Warriors of Ravenloft, a putrid fighting game that no one remembers. – “A revolution in fighting games is happening.”
  • First prize for one of the many many many contests featured is simply described as “Mountain Bike”.
  • In reference to the new Madden game – “this year they have something to prove.”

We’ll finish with a letter sent in to the editors, followed with their response.  It’s kind of incredible how some things never change.

Dear EGM,

Would someone please tell me why the Sega Saturn is awarded all the games that I enjoy playing? I am speaking for all those Playstation fanatics who dislike Sega.

You do not make sense.  If all the games that you like are coming out on the Saturn, wouldn’t logic dictate that you buy a Saturn and enjoy it? And why would you hate a game company anyway?





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