Day #212: Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball


Full disclosure, I try to go into every new game with a fresh perspective, not really having any pre-conceived ideas of what I’m likely to say about them, though in this particular case, I was about 80% sure that I’d talk about my storied history with the national pastime known as dodgeball and the various scars it left on my childhood.

I still insist that my foot wasn’t over the line when I eliminated Bobby Harrison. Had the officiating on that day been up to par, his girlfriend Sandy would have surely recognized my strengths as a prospective mate and life would have probably gone in a very different direction.

I’m not bitter or anything. Stop looking at me like that.

My antics in the, dare-I-say, underrepresented world of virtual dodgeball have generally fared better. I’d go as far to say that I’m one of the best Super Dodge Ball players in my town, if not the whole county. With the shift to 3D and a long-overdue need to upgrade the classic game, Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball adds the things that have been missing for all of these years, namely hot tunes and a heightened potential for epilespy.

Perhaps it’s my old age, but I wasn’t able to play RRDDD for more than about a half hour before the first-person perspective combined with rapid movements and techno lighting made me a little queasy. I enjoyed that time, for what it was worth, despite never hitting anything. As it turns out, hitting a moving target with a ball whilst you are also moving at an increased speed is difficult. Also, it’s a bit vomit-inducing.

So yeah, good game. Can’t wait for the VR version.


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