Day #226: Garry’s Mod


I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing, but I’m pretty sure I broke it.

Though writing as a creative outlet obviously comes with its share of rewards, I’ve always had a desire to branch out and try new things – to see how I would fare as a musician, a filmmaker, or a game dev.  Of course, a lack of free time tends to get in the way of that.  Proficiency in any creative field requires a level of commitment that I’m typically incapable of.  Thankfully, there are shortcuts.

This isn’t to say that futzing around with Unity is suddenly going to turn me into the next Terry Cavanagh, but I can, at the very least, open a window and peer into the wacky world of modeling and physics, accidentally rag-dolling characters across the environment in an attempt to make them simply stand up.  During my (admittedly brief) time with Garry’s Mod, I didn’t learn much, outside of the revelation that Five Nights at Freddy’s character models were extremely popular.  I can certainly see the appeal of launching an evil robot teddy bear out of a cannon into a crowd of Team Fortress 2 Scouts, but as far as making anyone actually do what I want, I was pretty much lost, wanting for some kind of tutorial, or at least an in-game search bar for the items I was looking to use.  Instead, I just kinda made things appear out of thin air and watched them flop around like beached sea life, wondering why I was posing them with a gun.

Given the nature of the software and understanding that it’s a freeform sandbox, these aren’t complaints as much as a recognition of the work that actually goes into making all of the cool things I’ve seen over the years.  Like I’d already concluded with Source Filmmaker, it’s a powerful tool that’s primarily used to make really really dumb things, but I have a newfound appreciation for the dumbness.

Perhaps one day, when I have all of the time in the world, I’ll finally crank out a cinematic masterpiece of my own.  Failing that, I’ll at least make a meme of G-Man dancing to Dino’s “I Like It”.  It will, of course, then go on to be the most viewed thing I’ve ever created.


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