Day #238: Crypt Worlds


We’re rapidly approaching the 250 day mark and I’m tempted to go back and search to see how many times I’ve used the phrase “I am weird” or a variation of such as a lead-in.  I’m betting that it’s an above average number of times.  You know, in comparison to all of those other people with game-a-day blogs.

Crypt Worlds is a shining example of one of my favorite design philosophies; the understanding and blatant embrace of the fact that a creation does not require purpose nor comprehension.  A work of art can simply exist and have nothing to say, free of obligation to any real world logic.  That’s not to say that there isn’t a greater purpose to something like Crypt Worlds (spoiler: there is), just that it never feels the need to justify it, leaning into its absurdity so much that you’re constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop; for an omnipresent force to flip a switch and pull you towards an unspeakable horror.  Depending on your perspective, that horror may only be a few steps from your front door.

To say more about it would likely lessen the experience, though I do feel the need to emphasize that said experience is often hostile and unfailingly nihilistic, which is perfect if you’re like me – you know… weird.

Crypt Worlds is free to download here.


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