Day #246: Baseball Stars 2


I seemingly have this unconscious determination to write about every sport despite only being able to speak intelligently about the very basic rules of football and the storied history of pro-wrestling. It comes from the disconnect of being a spectator as opposed to being a part of the game myself, finding the former to be a pretty intolerable experience in most cases. I actually like sports games quite a bit, though that interest always tends towards the more casual arcadey offerings than any hardcore simulations.

As with yesterday, I’m still not quite in the mindset to consume anything too complex, more content to let my brain focus elsewhere as I wildly swing at pitches that I had no chance of connecting with. I suspect that even if I were to have put in more of an effort, Baseball Stars 2 would have continued to squash me, not really offering much in a way of explanation for how it controlled. You’re given an option between “Fighting Auto Operation” and “Exciting Manual Operation”, the latter of which “can be played with skillful joystick handling”.

I can confirm after a good hour or so that I am not a skillful joystick handler.
But you know what? That’s totally okay. Throw the game on easy and hit some home runs. After a turbulent series of Overwatch placement matches full of people taking everything a little too seriously (more on that Sunday), it’s good to lay back and play a two-button baseball game, even if my knowledge of America’s pastime doesn’t extend far beyond “throw ball, hit ball, catch ball”. I threw a lot of balls, some of them even ending up where I intended.

Go me, I say; personal best and all that. Some days you have to just celebrate the fact that you put pants on and took the trash out.


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