Day #258: Suicide Squad – Special Ops VR


Well, as predicted, VR has taken the world by storm and completely rendered all traditional forms of gaming obsolete, so I’m just here to- sorry, I couldn’t even finish typing that sarcastically.

I don’t want to say that VR flopped, because honestly, the people making it seemed to have pretty realistic goals going in. It’s a hard sell and the price point was always going to be a barrier for consumers. It’s more accurate to say that it’s been a slow starter. I don’t think that the format is actually going anywhere. For the most part, it all works now. There’s just the whole issue of giving people a reason to actually want it. The software offerings up to this point just don’t cut it. There’s no killer app; no game for the hardware makers to point to and go “this is why you need this”.

It’s for that reason I haven’t really used my Gear VR much lately, just sort of noticing it collecting dust from across the room today. I figure I owed the Oculus store another visit, just to see what, if anything, was new. As it turns out… not much. The store is still saturated with overpriced shovelware that probably wouldn’t have even reached the lofty publishing standards of the Nintendo Wii, broken up occasionally by someone offering a narrative adventure with some very light interactive elements. I suppose Suicide Squad – Special Ops VR can fall under that category. It depends on if you want to count the four milliseconds I spent looking at virtual Margot Robbie as “narrative” or not.

Full disclosure, I settled on Special Ops strictly due to a need for something resembling an action game and not out of any love for the adapted material. I’ve had to look at the marketing for Suicide Squad for the past three years now and I’ve more than had my fill. After about 15 seconds, I could say the same of the game itself. It’s a generic wave based shooter that runs at roughly the same framerate Crysis would on a TI-83 calculator. I was then killed by not-zombies that I assume were from the movie I didn’t watch.

At least the price point was agreeable (at free). The only real cost was space on my phone that I’d previously used for Joan Jett and the Blackhearts: Live in VR. In retrospect, that was a poor choice. There may have been less shooting in that one, but there was 100% more Joan Jett.


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