Day #265: Dead or Alive 5: Last Round


As I recover from my self-inflicted illness (check expiration dates on your medicine, kids), I figured the path of least resistance back into the swing of things was with the video game equivalent of junk food – a fighting game that I can button-mash my way through for an hour or so.

Like with its beach-frolicking companion title, enjoying Dead or Alive comes with certain need for self-awareness and maybe even a little justification. The sad part is that DOA, in its current form, is a really tight, frantic, and surprisingly deep fighting game. It’s just that it’s… well, it’s DOA, and it really shows a complete lack of an ability to be anything else, continuing its post-release support exclusively via (hundreds of dollars worth) of pervy costumes and more scantly clad ladies to pad the roster.

I mean, I get it. It’s Japan and culturally, they may as well another planet, which is part of the reason that their grip on the games industry as a whole has eroded so badly, but I do wonder what would have happened if the original tone of that first DOA5 trailer had stuck, showing more… ahem “modest” character models and focusing on the inclusion of the super-serious cast from Virtua Fighter. It felt like a real call to legitimacy that the series hadn’t previously gone for. It felt like, for the first time, people may have been able to forget about the commercials centered around high kicking ninja girls and more on the fact that hey, Dead or Alive is actually a really good fighting game.

Then everyone got sexy cop outfits and they added an underage loli character and… well, maybe next time.


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