Day #271: Weird Indie Grab Bag

Back again with another somewhat random assortment of indie stuff I looked at today.  You should probably check them out.  Or not.  I’m not the boss of you.

(Unless you’re into that kinda thing.  Call me.)


La La Land

I don’t think I’d be able to accurately describe La La Land without several days of preparation and an intimate relationship with hallucinogenics.  A series of five short Gamemaker projects released over a decade ago, the circumstances surrounding their creation are a mystery to me.  Playing them doesn’t really help much when it comes to searching for any meaning.  Chalk it up to my weakness for surrealist insanity that I still find them worth the experience.


Sex Drive

A cautionary tale about sexting and driving told mostly via food puns, featuring a knockoff 80s soundtrack.

Look, I’m in one of those moods.  Let’s move on.


The Midas Project

A visual novel told exclusively through the manipulation of audio and old newspaper clippings.  It’s an incredibly unsettling game that plays with the themes of paranoia, often branching into new directions that I didn’t quite expect.


Ulitsa Dimitrova

Let it be known that in a time when the industry is busy analyzing the merits of our eventual 4K HDR future, I’m playing a game about homeless, 7 year old Russian chainsmoker that looks like it was probably drawn and animated by same.  I don’t know if that’s a brag or not.


Sonic Dreams Collection

I’ve often debated about whether or not I should devote a full entry to this game and I always think better of it, mainly because I find the whole experience rather unpleasant, albeit often impossible to look away from  I’d also have to end that entry by urging you to not actually play Sonic Dreams Collection, unless you really didn’t plan on sleeping tonight.

Still, maybe play it anyway?  I don’t even know anymore, man.  I probably shouldn’t have played all of these back to back, I’ve lost all sense of place and self.  I’m in a dark void and all I can see is an overly fetishized Sonic the Hedgehog with human feet.

Send help.



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