Day #275: I’m Pretty Sure It’s Haunted


It’s been a busy day of audio editing and vacation prep, so I won’t be able to start the month off with the bang that I’d originally planned.  For those that don’t know, I’m going to spend the entirety of October covering nothing but horror games, starting with a very special series next week.

But for now, having no time on a Saturday night, I went with I’m Pretty Sure It’s Haunted, a very simple trial-and-error flash game.  It’s mercifully short.  I say that because it operates within a tier of gaming that I tend to avoid as a rule – games that were clearly made to be screamed over by a Let’s Player.  As a non-screamy Let’s Player, it’s really not my thing, though also mostly inoffensive given the length.  If you have a higher tolerance for jump scares and memes, you’ll likely enjoy it more.

I’m Pretty Sure It’s Haunted can be played free in browser here.


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