Day #287: Year Walk


After wading through several failed attempts by Western developers to translate a Japanese perspective on horror, I figured I needed to take as far left of a turn as possible to cleanse my palette.  So here I am, playing an adventure game about Swedish mythology.

It’s an odd thing, as an ignorant American that considers himself well-versed on all manner of things horror, to play Year Walk with a complete ignorance of the folklore it uses as its basis.  In this regard, the game felt more like a learning experience than an narrative I found any investment in, the main character really nothing more than a vessel for you to crunch along the snow on the way to the next creepy thing.  That sounds derisive, but honestly, I spent the entire hour and a half it took to complete the game utterly fascinated by how different everything was to anything I’d really seen before, both in context and presentation.  It made me question how many untapped horrors still exist out there in the written history of other cultures as we continue our fascination with zombies and sexy vampires.

Maybe it’s time the sexy Brook Horse got his due.


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