Day #292: Slender: The Eight Pages


I spent a lot of time today playing a game that I ultimately had very little to say about.  That’s just about the worst case scenario for this format, since time is a very valuable thing and I don’t get to start the day over.  In searching for an alternative, I went back to a file that had been sitting in long-forgotten folder of mine.  I have a lot like this; games that I tell myself I’ll eventually get around to playing at some indeterminate point in the future when I have no obligations and all of the time in the world.

In the case of The Eight Pages, that time had honestly passed for me.  Though I have a downright stubborn distaste for memes, I got into the while Slender Man thing for a bit, mainlining episodes of Marble Hornets and reading creepypastas into the night.  Sadly, MH overstaying its welcome for as long as it did sort of deflated me on the concept after a while, and I started to bounce away from the idea that the internet age had finally curated its own horror myth to rival those in literature.  The grand irony is that something created from a meme is, by its nature, fleeting, and thus easily forgotten.

In that context, The Eight Pages is a very different experience than it once was, and I find it hard to fear that entity any more, knowing that its full potential as a work of myth has pretty much been reached, and the ceiling was… rather low.  Slender Man, is, to put it bluntly, kind of silly now.  Maybe he always was.  Either way, I don’t find myself too concerned wandering through that forest now, finding it difficult to disassociate him from his origin, regarding him with the same level of fear I would have for your average message board poster.

No one is afraid of a dude from 4chan.


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