Day #306: morphê


Well, it’s officially November.  More importantly, it’s no longer October, which means that Georgia may actually start to get somewhat cold in the near future and that I no longer have to play horror games.  While I’ve more proven to be a pretty big fan of the genre as a whole, exposing myself so much to experiences designed specifically to induce stress and fear probably isn’t the best for my long term mental health.

Now that I’m free of any self-imposed restrictions, I started the day not really sure what to do with myself.  What where do I go from here?  What would be the most appropriate palette-cleanser?  To answer that question, I went where I always go whenever unsure of a direction – weird indie games.

What morphê offers is in direct contrast to what I’ve dealt with for the past 30 days, putting you on a small floating island and letting you create ambient music via a series of obelisks.  There’s nothing more to it than that, though I killed a good hour on that island, trying to find just the right combination of sounds until I got it just right.  Though I’ve dabbled with proper music creation software before, and always found myself dissatisfied with the result.  A game like this offers something beyond simply a shortcut to something listenable, it also leaves you wondering how many others achieved that exact same result.  With only so many variables to work with, I imagine someone else could have also stumbled upon the same masterpiece that I ultimately settled on.

For most, that would feel like it probably cheapened their creation, but to me, I’d just be curious to meet that person; to learn about them and ask how they came to the same conclusions.  It’s something that I really hope social gaming captures in the future – an ability to reflect on and share how the things we create shape us.  For now, I’m just content to walk around the island, making the most discordant  and unpleasant combination of noise possible.

Dammit, someone probably already thought of that too.


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