Day #307: ClawMegaUltra


It’s a recurring joke amongst my (very small) social circle that I have perhaps the most unimpressive assortment of skills that a human could ever possess. I’m fairly accurate at predicting coin tosses and have a stellar W/L in Rock-Paper-Scissors. I can go a long time without sleeping. I know a lot about the Godzilla universe.

Most notably, I’m really good at claw machines. This is really only useful on dates. Seeing as I haven’t been on a date in a very long time, it’s actually never useful. But still, I always make a habit of grabbing something from the machine at the grocery store upon exiting. I don’t really have much use in my life for seasonal-themed stuffed animals, but they hang on my wall nonetheless, as if were some sort of demented taxidermist from the Build-A-Bear universe. You can’t really prove that I’m not.

Way back in January, I broke down the three categories of games that I typically enjoy, and today certainly called for something of the “C” variety – I’m fatigued from work, can’t focus, and have a lot of podcasts to catch up on. So ClawMegaUltra won out, allowing me the freedom to hone my unimpressive craft whilst still feeling like I accomplished something. Sure, that accomplishment may have just been “you captured six novelty mugs in a row”, but when you operate in a space of mediocrity, you take what you can get. Some days, all you can do is hope to do is walk out the door with a giant novelty cheeseburger toy.

I’m sure that’s a metaphor for something. You figure it out. I’m tired.

ClawMegaUltra can be downloaded here for $2.00USD.


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