Day #309: Stutter


The description for Stutter is short and to the point.

Stutter is a game about a short car ride after a first date. You battle a speech impediment and the social anxiety of a date. I was looking to convey the frustration and disconnect between what you want to say and what you actually say.

I tend to be weary whenever a creator is so forthcoming with the messaging, as if to infer a lack of confidence in the game’s ability to convey that on its own. This is fairly typical with any game that claims to tackle mental illness, and as someone that suffers from several of them, I find myself admiring the attempts, even if they miss more often than not.

It doesn’t attempt to go for anything too heavy, but that also makes Stutter’s goal more achievable. It’s easy to relate to the situation of being nervous around someone you admire; someone you fear may judge you, even if you don’t self-identify as an introvert.  For those that do, there’s that familiar tinge of anxiety when your date calls you out on being so quiet. In my experience, “you’re quiet” has often translated to mean “I’m not interested in you”.  It doesn’t take long before you’re utterly terrified of ever being labeled as such again.

Stutter, quite accurately, shows that introversion doesn’t not equal a lack of things to say, rather, it’s a series of thoughts constantly fighting for dominance in your brain, though not letting any of them escape out of fear. It’s feeling so many emotions at once that, to an onlooker, it appears that you feel nothing. It’s about knowing exactly what you want to express but having no ability to actually say it.

It’s that Stephen Hawking quote you see over and over – “quiet people have the loudest minds.” Like the unnamed driver in Stutter, I wish there was a way to make more people understand that.

Stutter can be downloaded for free here.


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