Day #313: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night


As I type this, it’s a very stressful evening for these United States of ours.  Up to this point, I haven’t really written anything political this year and… actually, nothing is changing on that front.  As we collectively scream in terror at the possibility of some catastrophic result, many are taking refuge in cute animal gifs and light-hearted memes.

Me?  I’m playing Castlevania.

As should be common knowledge at this point, I’ve essentially committed the original game to memory, using it as a fall-back whenever I need to keep my hands and/or brain busy.  Since I already did that earlier in the year, I thought I would do the next best thing; wrap myself in a blanket, grab a warm drink and run-through Symphony of the Night until this all blows over.  I mean “run” in the literal sense as well, since late-game Alucard has access to so many overpowered weapons that he can literally walk through most of the enemies in the game.

Even without all of that, SOTN has always stood as one of the most beloved yet easiest games in the franchise.  It was the turning point when pure platforming was put aside in favor of the “Metroidvania” template, as it came to be known.  Having cleared that map so many times, my perspective has mostly changed to that of a “content tourist” now, going through and seeing the multitude of sights that are no longer of any threat to me.

On nights like this, it’s the best one can hope for.


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