Day #350: Fallarska

Fallarska only comes with one instruction – “feed the beast”.

Seems simple enough until you load the game up and are hit with this sudden feeling that that’s not something you actually want to do.  You’re placed in some sort of examination room and on the other side of the glass is an unmoving creature that bares somewhat a resemblance to an Old One.  All it does is stare forward.  There are no doors.  There is only one thing you can do – feed the beast.

While it only lasts a minute or so, Fallarska is a fascinating experiment in environmental storytelling and the way our minds can fill in the blanks of a narrative.  It’s also a prime example of why short form horror is so effective, especially in an interactive medium.  There is no illusion of choice.  You can only engage with the game in one very specific way and you know there’s no way it will end well.  There’s this oppressive feeling of helplessness from the moment Fallarska starts; an absence of sound that constantly leaves you expecting a sudden jolt from the other side of the glass that you won’t be able to stop.

But it does nothing.  Not until you do your part.

Feed the beast.

Fallarska can be downloaded for free at




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