Serious Sam

Day #352: Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter

I feel it only fitting that I follow up a day lamenting my deteriorating motor skills by playing a game that amounts to little more than “run backwards and shoot”. I suppose this is the part where I’m supposed go into why I choose today’s game, though I don’t know if that’s exactly necessary this go round. Typically one doesn’t go into Serious Sam looking for a breadth of experiences, mostly likely knowing that it will be one of the “something horrible is accelerating towards me” variety.

On that front, I was not disappointed. All of my old friends were there – Skeleton Rocking Horse, Torso Mouth, I Have No Head and I Must Scream, and of course, Bipedal Cyborg Chicken. Though we had fun reminiscing, I have to admit that it feels weird playing a game that felt like it was only designed to be played in the early 2000s. Though it’s an affectionate parody of PC shooters of the time, it itself has somehow also managed to become an endearing relic of that same era. I don’t know if Serious Sam was ever edgy, per say, but any bite it may have once had has given way to a more generalized appreciation of what it represents, in spite of what it was likely designed to be.

Still, there’s that quick and disposable catharsis that comes with sprinting through a level at 90 miles per hour with a shotgun that may be impossible to age out of. At least, I hope to never reach an age where I think that’s not appealing in some way. When I’ve long lost the ability to do wall jumps, I want to at least know that I can trust my old buddy Sam to lend me a quip and helping hand of vigilante justice when needed.



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