Day #354: The Employee

A man wakes up on the floor of his room.  He’s naked, or more accurately, he’s featureless.  There’s nothing special about him.  He has no thoughts or desires.  He simply goes to work, waiting for the moment he can escape.  On his break, he pokes at his lunch, most likely the same food he eats every day.  He then goes back to work until the papers stop piling up around him.  Upon finishing, he goes home.  There’s no time for recreation.  He simply goes to sleep.

When the man wakes up, he’s naked on the floor of his room.  The cycle continues.

It’s joyless, basic, and the general thematic sentiment isn’t exactly new, but The Employee conveys its message in such a powerfully effective way that it’s still worth experiencing.  The more I engaged with it, the more I felt betrayed, as if I were expecting a better outcome; a different outcome, even if one was never promised.  No doubt, this is the same feeling that drives our nondescript man; the only reason he even bothers to pick himself up from that floor.

It’s… scary to admit how relatable that is.

The Employee can be downloaded for free here.




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