Day #359: The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle

If there is one word I could use to describe my time with Bertram Fiddle, it would be “easy”.

While the difficultly level is considerably low for a genre long known for its obtuse puzzle puzzle solutions, I’m more referring to the general tone of the experience. The story is rather light – wannabe investigator Bertram Fiddle is on the trail of the mysteriously named Geoff the Murderer, not for any murdering, per say, but because he stole his wife’s poodle. Mr. Fiddle is a generally light-hearted chap and will always have something silly to say about his surroundings, even if they typically operated at the dad-joke level of punnery. Because everything is treated so casually, you tend to find yourself laughing even at jokes you know are terrible. That’s the whole charm really. Bertram and his creators know they’re terrible too. He’s an oddly-nosed man with a cyclops sidekick, taking jobs from a curmudgeon known as Mr. Arthwipe. Everyone is in on the joke.

While self-awareness can often exacerbate the flaws of terrible creations, Bertram Fiddle is such a casual romp that I didn’t mind. Within the span of about 90 minutes, I was finished with the first episode, actually satisfied that it didn’t last longer. Maybe it was the time and place I decided to play it, but I needed something that was, again, easy, and typically point-and-click adventures don’t lend themselves very well to short sessions. In that brief amount of time, I did get a sense of the complete nonsense world that Bertram lived in and wanted to see more. In that regard, it was an effective advertisement for future episodes.

If that’s not enough, the characters themselves make sure to tell you, going so far as to almost say that they would shell out their own money to see the mystery continue. Had it been any other game, I’d would have rolled my eyes. Here, I’ll just give a respectful tip of my imaginary hat. Well played, chaps.  We had some fun.



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