8-Bit Bayonetta Releases, Hinting at Something Bigger

In what absolutely better not be an April Fool’s joke of some sort, a little game called 8-Bit Bayonetta just appeared on Steam.  While I’d first suspected it to be a very blatant fan-game slipping through Valve’s air-tight curation, it turns out that Sega/Platnium proper are behind it.

Though the game itself is a fun distraction for a few minutes, the most notable thing about 8-Bit Bayonetta are the achievements, which lead to a very peculiar URL, counting down something to be revealed on April 11th.

Could this be the long-awaited PC release of the original Bayonetta?  Is it possible to be anything else?  Just how many knees will I break if this is one gigantic troll?

The answers to all that, and more, in just 10 days.



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