Hello.  Hi.

My name is Damien Wilkens and I’m the sole owner and operator of whatiplayed.  I guess that also makes me the editor-in-chief?  I don’t really know how that works.

This site started as the backdrop for an experiment of mine in 2016 to write about video games (in some capacity) every single day for a year.  I did that and… well, I kinda never thought I’d get past that part, so what you see now is a constantly evolving series of ideas that I have no other place for; reviews, opinion pieces, etc.  It is essentially a documentation of what happens when a freelance writer is a little too independent and really hates pitching.  At worst, it’s one giant writing portfolio.  One day, when enough eyes find it, I hope to turn it into more than that.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns, or general feedback you may have about the site.  My email is damien@whatiplayed.com and I tend to be pretty good about getting back to people.  The only thing I could do without are solicitations for web design.  I get a lot of those. Thanks, but not interested.

If you’re a developer and have a game you’d like me to cover, email is the best place to reach me, though I’m also on Twitter (@DamienWilkens) if you’re in need of a more immediate response.  All I ask is that you understand an agreement to look at your game is in no way an agreement to endorse it.

Thanks for visiting the site.  Tell your friends.  Tell your enemies too.  Maybe they’re really cool.

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